How to make a birthday cake


A scrumptious and moreish chocolate cake, finished off with delightful American buttercream frosting, in every one of the different happy examples!

Along these lines, when I consider a cake, there are such countless choices it is somewhat crazy. You have typical two-layer cakes, my standard three-layer cakes, dribble cakes, portion cakes, etc. Be that as it may, one of my top pick?! Also one of the simplest? Traybake cakes! Truly, they are simply astonishing!

I love traybake cakes on the off chance that you haven't seen as of now - my chocolate fudge traybake is one of my unsurpassed most loved cakes to make as it is so completely scrumptious. What's more as a total differentiation, my gin and tonic traybake is comparably tasty - thus easy to make! This Christmas traybake cake is a blend of all my traybake cakes together.

For this prepare I needed to utilize an exemplary traybake tin since when I consider a traybake cake, I think the enormous square shape cakes that you can purchase in a general store. Taking everything into account, I would in any case joyfully totally gobble up one of those as opposed to making it myself, yet this is a bubbly heat - so this formula is astonishing!

I went for a chocolate base, and simply a customary wipe - I have done many fudge like chocolate traybakes (with my Malteser traybake cake, and my chocolate orange traybake cake) - so I thought it was no time like the present I did an ordinary chocolate cake wipe for a cake like this. Furthermore it's simply so natural!! Five fixing wipes are valued all the time.

I traditionally utilize light brown delicate sugar in my chocolate cakes these days since I totally revere it - it carries a characteristic caramel like flavor to the wipe that I absolutely venerate. You can utilize caster sugar all things being equal, or you could in fact involve dim brown delicate sugar for a normally more profound character! The other different fixings are genuinely straight forward with self raising flour, eggs, spread and cocoa powder.

As the tin I use is 19×13″, it's the ideal traybake size - a few tins fluctuate to 9×12″ in the traybake world, so preferably utilize the right size for the baking opportunity to be precise. Any more modest it might take a smidge longer to heat! Assuming that you need a more modest traybake cake, you can utilize a proportion of 250g, and heat into a 9″ square tin - its ultimately depends on you.

For the beautification - it fundamentally requires a very simple to make buttercream, however at that point heaps of bowls and funneling tips to make the tones you need! I attempted to lessen how much tones to make it more straightforward to clean up, yet toward the day's end - with a cake like this, you will have the cleaning up.

I needed to essentially make something simple to make fixings savvy, however looked great - and a fluctuated funneling strategy like this is consistently the way! You can have a good time with a cake like this. I utilized so many channeling tips however, I figured it would be simpler to show them all.

For this cake I utilized; a medium 1M open star tip, a medium 2D shut star tip, a medium leaf tip, a petal funneling tip, a desert plant channeling tip, a kind sized open star tip, a gigantic French channeling tip, a snowflake funneling tip, and a rose funneling tip! These are on the whole altogether discretionary however, my funneling tip assortment is genuinely huge so I just played around with it!

I needed to adhere to happy shadings, so I figured red, green and white would work! I utilized a similar green food shading for the two shades. I utilized a small, a large portion of a pea size measure of green food shading for the lighter green, and close to a large portion of a tsp for the more obscure green tone. I utilized a dark red food shading as I observe it best, then, at that point, eased up the rest with a little white food shading.

At the point when you are enriching a cake like this, you really want to not actually consider it! I realize that might sound strange to certain individuals, however you simply need to be pretty much as arbitrary as could be expected and mess around with it! The various shades of buttercream, alongside the different channeling tips implies you can make something excellent like I have.

I would in general get going the bigger channeling tips with a portion of the tones, and afterward include the more modest funneling tips to fill the holes. Annoyingly you in all actuality do wind up utilizing a decent lot of funneling sacks, or you can have a go at utilizing a channeling tip coupler on the off chance that your funneling tips generally fit to make it simpler!

A delightful and moreish chocolate cake, finished off with lovely American buttercream frosting, in every one of the different merry examples!


The Cake

  • 400 g unsalted margarine (or baking spread)
  • 400 g light brown delicate sugar
  • 325 g self raising flour
  • 75 g cocoa powder
  • 7 medium eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla concentrate


  • 200 g unsalted margarine (room temp)
  • 400 g icing sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla concentrate
  • green food shading
  • red food shading
  • white food shading
  • sprinkles


For the Cake

  1. Preheat your broiler to 180ºC/160ºCfan and oil and line a 9x13" traybake tin (or 9x12" assuming that is what you have!) with material paper.
  2. In a huge bowl, beat together the margarine and sugar until light and soft.
  3. Include the eggs, self raising flour and cocoa powder and vanilla concentrate and beat again until smooth.
  4. Fill the tin and heat in the stove for 45-50 minutes, or until prepared through.
  5. Once heated, pass on to cool in the tin completely.

For the Decoration

  1. Beat your unsalted spread all alone for a couple of moments to release it and make it wonderful and delicate!
  2. Include the icing sugar, and the vanilla concentrate, and beat once more! Keep beating until the buttercream is wonderful and fleecy and great!
  3. Part the combination between four dishes (or whatever tones/proportions you extravagant!) and shading. I did a dim green, light green, red and white.
  4. Utilizing different funneling tips, haphazardly pipe onto the cake to make a wonderful example!
  5. Add any sprinkles on that you extravagant. Appreciate!


  • To make this cake vanilla, supplant the cocoa powder with more self raising flour.
  • This cake keeps going 4-5 days at room temp
  • This cake can freeze for 3+ months.
  • I suggest utilizing this 9x13" traybake tin, or this 9x12" traybake tin!
  • I utilized this green food shading
  • I utilized this red food shading
  • I utilized this white food shading
  • Funneling tips I utilized:

  1. Medium 1M open star channeling tip
  2. Medium 2D shut star funneling tip
  3. Medium leaf tip
  4. Medium petal channeling tip
  5. Cactus funneling tip
  6. Large open star channeling tip
  7. Gigantic french channeling tip
  8. Snowflake funneling tip
  9. Rose channeling tip

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